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  • Amore- Lead Character, AA female, 27-35, searching for a long-term relationship that can eventually turn into a marriage.  Works as a Social Media Influencer.

  • Renee- Supporting Role, female, 27-40, just got out of a toxic relationship with Ronnel and is looking to date freely and without judgment.  Works as a bartender.

  • Joyce- Supporting Role, female, 27-40, married to Tyrone.  Works as a CNA.

  • Ronnel- Supporting Role, AA male, 27-40, just ended a toxic relationship with Renee but is not willing to let go.  Really aggressive and jealous when it comes to her.  Works at the barbershop

  • Tyrone- Supporting Role, AA male, 27-40, married to Joyce.  A funny and petty character gets off by ribbing others.  Works at the barbershop

  • Malcolm- Supporting Role, AA male, 35-45, owner of Cutting Edge Barbershop.  Really sticks to the rules, and likes to hold people accountable for all of their actions.  Always takes the female’s side in debates.

  • Tyson- Supporting Role, AA male, 27-35, plays the role of Amore’s boyfriend.  Owner of the club.  Does commercial real estate.

  • Carl- Supporting Role, AA male, 27-35, meets Amore out at a gas station and offers to follow her on Instagram.  Works as a plant owner that manufactures products.

Audition Instructions:

1. Select the role(s) you'd like to audition for.

2. Click entry button below & complete the form.

3. You'll receive an email reply with sides to read for the audition.

4. Submit your video audition as a Google Drive Link to

A Non-Union Film

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